February 19, 2010

This is just weird

I've seen tons of game-used items on eBay for different athletes. You got gloves, batting gloves, jerseys and bats. Those all fall within the norm of game-used items.

On cards, you see pieces of hats and things along that nature. Even game-used swatches of pants.

But, do you really want the whole item. Here's an eBay auction for Kevin Kouzmanoff game-used pants.

The whole thing.

Not sure if I have seen pants before. Before anyone asks, I am not buying them.


  1. And miss out the opportunity to get into Kouzmanoff's pants?

  2. At least the seller tells you that the pants were worn in 2009 and were acquired directly from the Padres.

    That definitely beats "The relics contained in this card are not from any specific game, event, or season"