February 7, 2010

Sunday Question

Is Spring Training really about to start?

Because I can't see out of my windows with all the snow covering it.


  1. I'm still in hockey mode, and will be all the way through spring training. However, once I get my Auburn Doubledays schedule in the mail - it's baseball time.

  2. Spring training is about to start. It is usually my favorite time of year, but the luster is starting to wear off. Prices for exhibition games keep going up.

    The proposal that is floating around that is supposed to keep the Cubs in Mesa isn't a good one for the rest of the Cactus League fans. Some of the $$$ that will be raised to build the Cubs a new facility are to come from a surcharge on all Cactus League games.

  3. Like the Wombat, I'm still in full-on hockey mode, but I drove by Brighthouse Field (spring training home of the Phillies) and the ground grew was out working on the field so yes it's about to start!

    Here's to skipping work to enjoy a ballgame and an afternoon beer in the Florida sunshine!

  4. Hey, I shoveled snow yesterday morning and got excited about watching the Caribbean Series games on MLB Network that afternoon.

    Bring on spring training... the other sports are not that interesting to me.

  5. It's close. Real close.

    And don't worry, spring training makes the snow melt and chases the winter blues away.

  6. Sooz,
    For a change it was better to be in the northern part of the Garden State.

    We didn't get any snow. Woohoo.

    And yes, thankfully, spring training is right around the corner.

    Look at it this way, there use to be a much larger gap between the Super Bowl and the start of spring training. I remember watching "The Superstars" on ABC to kill time until spring training started.

    Now I can watch all kinds of retro games on YES and MLB network

  7. I'm still buried under 25 inches of snow and my envoy is stuck trying to get out of my driveway. I think Florida is a really nice option right about now.

  8. yes, spring training is about to start. My off-season time-waster of watching NFL football is over with the Saints win last night and the Mexican Winter League and Caribbean Series is over, signaling that the MLB/MiLB players are about ready to head north to join their clubs for Spring Training.

    If snow is covering your windows, sounds like it's time to move down here to New Mexico! ;)

  9. This is what happens when the snow is plowed from your driveway.

    More is expected tomorrow into Wednesday.