February 25, 2010

Remember when....

snow days were the best days as a kid? I will admit I rather like them right now since I am back in school, however they still suck being stuck home all day. The only main road I can see from my house the cars are moving at a rate where I could run faster even with my sinus issues.

This just means logging in cards today, and probably cleaning house/shoveling snow which are all my favorite things to do. However if I do need to go out I will be relying on one of these to get me around. Anyone else trapped?

It is coming down pretty damn good here for about an hour, and hour that would have so far been better spent asleep. Stay tuned for the next 100 volumes of todays blogging, which is sponsored by White Coats.

(Picture is after about one hour of snow.)


  1. I was able to make it in to work this morning, but the trip home is probably going to be fun.

    I've had enough snow this winter already.

  2. We've got about 6" so far and they are projecting 20+" by tomorrow morning - with high wind. So, yeah, today is a blog day for me too, specifically migrating it to Wordpress.

  3. We have about 4"-6" here right now, and no sign of stopping. I shoveled the top part of the driveway and cleaned the cars once already, not that you can tell. I'm shoveling just enough to where the plow can get the rest of the driveway and that's it.

    Drive safe, Paul.

  4. So far we had a dusting and now we have 50 mph winds.... WHOA.....Amish Buggy blew by! Guess it's windy.