February 18, 2010

Poor Schuster

This is going to be the only curling post I ever make. But I feel bad for John Shuster. He kind of blew it, but what's worse are the people who flock to his Wikipedia page and vandalize it.

And, of course, I'm not much better because I took a screen cap earlier.

The highlighted part says:

In a side note, in 2008 Shuster attempted to commit suicide. Unsurprisingly, to those who knew him and have watched him play, he failed at the attempt. 

Shuster has become known as the biggest choke artist in 2010 Winter Olympics, and is the lone reason the USA curling team has not won a single game in the Olympics. 

Upon John's pathetic performance at the 2010 games, he has decided to retire from the sport.


There was more after I left. This one is actually funny: "Shuster said he draws inspiration from Bill Buckner, Brad Lidge, Scott Norwood, and the city of Cleveland."


  1. Wow, that's terrible. I mean, yeah, he's not doing very well at all... But still... Sheesh.

  2. Another of the earlier vandalisms said "Shuster failed four times to make a game-winning shot in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. He chokes more than a prostitute."

    Rough crowd on puke-a-pedia.