February 18, 2010

My Pack War Booty - Baseball Edition

Recently, I visited Dr. Wax for Pack Wars. This was the first time I have ever been to one of the Pack Wars. There were about six or seven people there and, of course, I was the only woman.

While I didn't end up winning the big prize at the end, I did get a ton of cards. But I don't think any of them are for my PC. I have a bunch of football too, which will be another post.

All the cards, but the Jake Peavy patch card are for trade.

Here's the loot:

- Brandon Phillips bat/auto 2003 Playoff Piece of the Game
- Jesse Carlson auto 2008 Upper Deck X UDX Signatures
- Ruben Tejada auto 2008 Donruss Threads /999
- Mike Potts auto 1996 Leaf Signature Series
- Greg Smith auto 2008 SP Authentic
- Jason Kubel auto 2004 Playoff Prestige x2
- Ty Wiggington auto 2001 Bowman's Best
- Paul Janish auto 2008 UD Timeline
- Colt Morton 2008 UD Piece of History
- Bill White 2008 Spectrum Rookie Signatures
- Jo-Jo Reyes auto 2008 Topps Update and Highlights
- Peter Moylan auto 2009 Topps Career Best
- David Murphy auto 2009 Upper Deck Series 1
- Brian Burress auto 2007 Elements
- Ruddy Lugo auto 2007 Elements
- J.D. Durbin auto 2004 Playoff Prestige
- Cesar Izturis auto 2001 Donruss signature Series  /330
- Andrew Doyle 2009 Donruss Extra Editioin /155 (pictured)

- Scott Rolen GU jersey 2004 Playoff Prestige (pictured)
- Austin Kearns GU jersey 2007 Ultimate Collection
- Billy Sylvester GU bat 2001 Leaf Limited /700
- Nomar Garciaparra GU jersey 2004 Playoff Prestige /250
- Carlos Lee GU jersey 2009 Goodwin Champions
- Josh Willingham GU jersey w/stripe 2007 Ultimate Collection
- Ichiro GU bat 2010 Topps
- Brian McCann GU jersey 2009 UD Goudey
- Brian McCann GU bat 2009 Topps Career Best
- Jake Peavy patch 2007 SPx Material /99 (not for trade)
- Andruw Jones GU jersey 2004 Playoff Prestige
- Chipper Jones GU jersey 2004 Playoff Prestige /250
- Bill Hall GU jersey w/ striple 2009 Goodwin Champions
- Bret Boone GU jersey 2005 Donruss Champions
- Mike Lowell, Takashi Saito, Jonathan Albaladejo, - Ross Ohlendorf Quad GU jersey 2009 Ballpark Collection /265
- Jake Peavy GU jersey 2007 UD Masterpieces
- Scott Rolen/Bobby Abreu (as Phillies) dual GU jersey
- Mark Buehrle GU jersey 2008 UD Goudey
- Dmitri Young GU jersey 2008 Topps Heritage
- Scott Kazmir GU jersey 2008 Topps Update and Highlights


  1. Wow, that's quite a haul! Dare I ask if any of those autos are on-card? :) It's kinda my thing...

  2. Alright, Sooz. That's 2 cards you have that I want (the Bagwell & the Lee in this post). Seeing that you already have every Jeter I would conceivably ever have, what'll it take?

  3. as your resident Braves fan... you know what I want. Especially the Moylan... send me an email with your demands.

  4. Of the bunch, only three were on-card autos. Wigginton, Randa and Greg Smith.

  5. I may have to dig - really dig - to find trading material for those. :)