February 28, 2010

My Loot from the 2010 Topps Million Card Giveaway

I finally decided to give in a redeem these Million Card Giveaway suckers to see what I got, or didn't get for that matter. I had 10 codes to redeem and toyed with selling them on eBay for a while but figured I should take a shot just in case there is a Pujols card in the bunch here.

Here is my loot:

1. 1969 Rookie Stars Jerry Crider/Geo. Mitterwald, Minnesota Twins

3. 1959 Andy Pafko, Milwaukee Braves

4. 1979 Dave Heaverlo, Oakland A's

5. 1963 Ernie Bowman, San Francisco Giants

6. 1959 Sporting News Rookie Stars Dick Stigman, Cleveland Indians

7. 1972 Carlos May, Chicago White Sox

8. 1976 Joe Niekro, Houston Astros

9. 1979 Ron Jackson, California Angels

10. 1964 Dave Wickersham, Detroit Tigers

I am rather surprised that I got all vintage cards, but surprised in a good way. I was expecting to end up with some cards that were a year or two old at most and ended up winning with all vintage. For the record, all of these codes were from retail packs. I didn't buy a single 2010 Series 1 Hobby pack. I probably will not have a single one of these shipped to me, but the process was more fun than I thought it would be.

If anyone is interested in any of these let me know, I'm more than willing to trade them.


  1. um... if you get these, I would love to trade for the Pafko. I only need four more for my Braves team set and he's one of 'em.

  2. Do you have any cards in the site that we can do the trade there or for something else?

  3. You know I want the Dick Stigman ! I haven't investigated the trade process yet, but I'll let you know.

  4. wow! you did really well there. :)

  5. How about the '72 Carlos May for a '75 Jim Barr?

  6. I offered you a '73 Vada Pinson for the Niekro on the site =)

  7. Steve, just send the request. It's all yours.

  8. I probably sound really stupid, but.... Are the Million Card Giveaway cards eCards, or real cards? I know I sound dumb, but please answer. :)

  9. They're eCards until you make them real cards. ...

    The cards stay on the site until you request delivery. There is a delivery charge to get the actual cards. Somewhere around $3. I don't know the exact price.

    As long as the cards stay with Topps and are in your vault, you can trade them with other people.