February 9, 2010

More gum in Topps packs?

Topps announced it new CEO today, Ryan O'Hara, who worked at TV Guide and TVGuide.com.

When people think about Topps, they think trading cards. However, Topps make of their money through candy. O'Hara is a confection man. He worked for Nestle before and probably will be able to help in that direction.

What does this mean for trading cards though? (I don't really like candy)

- O'Hara has embraced new media and, perhaps, so will Topps. Personally, I think Topps has one of the worst companies when it comes to social media. The company has gotten better with a few tweets here and there. Hopefully, this means O'Hara will make the company better.

- O'Hara has worked for sports companies. He worked for Fox Sports Net. I don't know what position he had with the company, but it shows he won't be completely clueless when it comes to the sports card side.

Scanning the articles on the move (there aren't many), these are two things I have come up with.

With Topps gaining exclusivity with baseball, regardless of the UD lawsuit going on, why do you think O'Hara has come in now as the new CEO?


  1. Maybe they want a fresh and outside mind? Someone who might innovate? Hopefully?

  2. I didn't absorb anything after "I don't really like candy."


  3. Not a bad idea.. as long as they don't use the same crappy gum thats in Heritage. I'd rather chew the cards than that stuff....

  4. Seems to me O'Hara can help Topps in various ways.

    His television industry experience will help move the various Topps brands into entertainment properties.

    His confectionary background will help the significant core product of Topps, the candy.

    His sports background may help with the trading card side of the business and with what sports card fans want from a trading card product.

    I used to know a lot more about Topps -- like what percent of the business was candy related and what was trading card related and how profitable each was -- when they were public and I was a shareholder before they went private.

  5. I'm a little surprised Topps didn't tap someone with industry experience! From his background, it looks like Topps wanted someone with candy experience. This leads me to believe that they would want to focus more on pack 'gimicks' rather than the sports cards themselves. Remind me... what does TV guide and the sports card industry have in common??