February 17, 2010

A Million Card I'm Happy With

I had three cards, I just didn't know where one was until today when I was cleaning up a little.

The first two cards I redeemed were not very fun. Combined the two of them were not older than me and I just had one request when it came down to it: let the card be older than me.

The first was a 2009 Brandon Phillips card and the second 1991 Atlee Hammaker.

Here was tonight's redemption:

1966 Cleveland Indians team card.

That was fun.


  1. Wow !! Maybe I can win an old Yankee card to trade you for that !! I'm going to get some more packs!

  2. That Indians team card is a good one. The 1966 Topps set was an outstanding one. I had stopped buying cards in '66; my kid brother had almost the complete set; he was missing some 7th series cards including the Gaylard Perry card.