February 17, 2010

Million Card Giveaway in NY Daily News

Well, it's big news for baseball cards because they rarely see much major press time at least from what I have seen. This was in todays New York Daily News, and it was my grandma who brought it over to me. She saw it in the paper and ripper the page out to show me, and I figured I would scan it and pass it along to all of you. Great little article on the Million Card Giveaway.

I am sure you can read this online at the Daily News website, but I am so used to scanning things that I did scan the paper, and I figured this will also save you guys from having to find the article on another site. Just click to enlarge the picture.
(Photo and article are courtesy of the New York Daily News, 02/18/2010)

I will redeem my cards soon. Promise. Who knows, maybe I'll get a Pujols RC! (yeah right)


  1. I guess Topps will keep producing the same A&G set every year as long as people keep buying it.

    And despite it being pretty much the same every year, it's still one of the top 2-3 products every year.

  2. yep, Topps is going all out with the Million Card giveaway campaign.

    Cal Ripken was pushing it on a few tv and radio shows, and Keith Olbermann had it on his Countdown show on Tuesday, opening a pack of 2010 Topps, talking about the MCG promo, and then opening a wax pack of 1967 or whatever Topps in what he called payment for mentioning the MCG on his show.

  3. Woops ... just realized that I accidentally commented on this post when I meant to comment on the 2010 A&G post ... I am dumb :)

  4. I knew what you meant though. :)