February 24, 2010

I got the 2010 Topps Heritage Itch

Last night I was searching eBay when I got home, thanks to Sooz's post about all the cards out there and now I want!!! Gimme gimme gimme gimme.

Back to reality... I think I am going to just get a few of the cards I really want like an Adam Lind Chrome Refractor (Dan, read: MINE! going to bid. LOL) Dan and me were the two boneheads that got into a bidding war over the Adam Lind silk. But, we can have one each Dan of the Adam Lind Chrome, though I think think it should be less but I'm cheap so it is probably fair.

Ohh... and this one is beee-yoooo-tee-ful, Albert Pujols Chrome. I am hoping that I pick up a blaster that will have some stuff to trade for base cards and maybe even a chrome or two of my guys if people pull them.

What do you guys think the pricing should be for the Chrome versions of the average player/semi-star? You can use an example if it's easier. I'm just curious if I expect the prices to be too low or what. I know I am not paying $7.99 for a Pujols chrome, but that's just me.


  1. I'm planning to pay about $3 for a Longoria Chrome, and $5 for a refractor. I'll wait a while for the prices to come down on eBay if I have to. When products first come out, everyone wants the cards RIGHT AWAY, and they pay too much. The only times that I buy a card right after the product comes out is if it has a really low serial number, so I know I won't see many of them later.

    I pre-ordered 2 hobby boxes of Heritage from Blowout, and they shipped them yesterday. That means that I should be getting them today, and I can't wait! Heritage is really the only set that I like to build every year.

  2. I bought a box of Heritage today. Got a Sabathia relic, 2 chrome refractors, 8 SPs, 8 inserts, 6 Ruths and 5 chromes. The set looks nice, well-centered and very clean. Aesthetically, I'd say it's the best Heritage set ever.

  3. Oh, I didn't answer your question. I would pay $4-5 for a Pujols chrome, $2-$3 for other stars, $1 for semi-stars and 2-3 for a $1 for any others.