February 23, 2010

Generosity of the Blogosphere

Once in a while I get a package in the mail that is a surprise, and while I love getting surprises no one expects to find these kinds of things all the time. This blog is one of my favorite things to do for many reasons, one of which is meeting new people to trade with.

Last week at some point I got an e-mail from Tim (from Enough Already), and his kids Scott and Caty decided to put together a care package for me and they needed my address. I was a little afraid considering the word "bipping" was in there, and even though he said he didn't have the doubles for it, I was still curious.

I got the package literally like the next day it felt like, and when I picked it up it was pretty heavy. While my mind was going crazy with thoughts of cookies and baseball cards, I waited for the e-mail with the letter that was missing before I opened it. It seemed that Tim's little daughter was in charge of the note and forgot it, but she made up with picking the greatest cards ever.

I saw the e-mail had come, and all I saw was I hope the autographs... I did not read another word and ripped open the envelope. I swear to you all I jumped out of my chair when I saw what was in the envelope, then proceeded to bounce around the house showing anyone who would look. This was what I pulled out of the envelope first:

2007 SP Authentic By the Letter Adam Lind Autographs!!!

Holy freakin' schnikeys!! I am still in shock. Now I am only missing the letter N to complete his last name, however it has to be the letter N with the dark gray/black lower left corner because there is a 2007 SP Authentic Adam Lind Autograph with brown corner that goes with another word from the set and won't complete his last name.

As if that wasn't generous enough, they went ahead and included some Albert Pujols
cards and some Derek Jeter cards for Sooz. I scanned almost all the cards, I left out a few but they were ALL appreciated.

Here are the Albert Pujols cards:

Here are the Derek Jeter cards:
Clearly they read the blog often because they would not have known that when me or Sooz open something we ALWAYS find one of these which was the last card in the package:
Wouldn't be complete without Chipper Jones. (It's a Chipper Jones serial numbered refractor, too!)

I found out after the fact that Tim is an Adam Lind collector himself, yet still sent these to me which is tremendously awesome.

On behalf of Sooz and myself, thank you so much Tim, Scott, and Caty for your generous envelope of goodies.


  1. That WAS really terrific ! This kind of generosity is what sets most of the bloggers apart from some collectors.You can imagine what those letters may have brought on ebay, yet they were given away to a happy home! And now we celebrate with some fine "wines". (my word verification!)

  2. I've been humbled time and again by our fellow collectors and their generosity. Cool stuff!

  3. I'm just glad that we could brighten your day a little! Thanks for the kind words and Caty said, "sorry again for missing the note." Enjoy ladies!