February 17, 2010

Fun for me and baseball addicts everywhere

Spring Training is here. It really is. I've scoured the Internet for some photos representing a couple of different teams (and, the Yankees, of course).

Enjoy the pics and I hope to get more out in the next few days.

Barry Zito

Curtis Granderson and Derek Jeter

Todd Helton

Phil Hughes

Joba Chamberlain

Mark McGwire

Pablo Sandoval

Rafael Rodriguez

CC Sabathia at Steinbrenner Field


  1. I can almost year the thumps in the gloves, yet I cannot smell the grass...

  2. We need scratch and sniff photos. :)

  3. There's still snow on the ground here in St. Louis; WE NEED BASEBALL!

  4. Is it me or is CC looking a little slimmed down this year?

    Kung Fu Panda - not so much