February 22, 2010

First Look: 2010 Topps Opening Day

This is a first and last look at these cards. I grabbed 10 packs in the interest of the loyal readers, because we all know I don't enjoy ripping packs. The packs are still 99 cents this year, with 7 cards per pack. I could swear in years past you got 10 or 12 cards per pack, but what do I know (too lazy to look).

I didn't scan all the base cards because if you have seen 2010 Topps Series 1, then you have basically seen 2010 Topps Opening Day. Card stock and quality is identical, the only difference is the Opening Day logo. I scanned some of the base cards, and all inserts. Lucky person who gets to read this before everyone else can redeem my ToppsTown codes and let me know what I missed out on since I couldn't care less to do it myself.

Here we go:

Matt LaPorta
Mickey Mantle
And of course there was a Chipper Jones
Blue Bordered Vlad, 1:5 pack odds
This may have been the coolest looking card out of all of them, a Roy Halladay 2010 Topps Attax
. It is on a rainbow type card, and it is just awesome looking. They should do a real set on that background.
Superstar Celebrations
The Bazooka fun!

The packs were fun and would be fun for kids to open. I think I'd like a whole Bazooka Joe set, but with the players as cartoons. I like cartoons.


  1. In 2007 Topps Opening day came out after Opening Day and included insert cards with photos from the 2007 opening day.

    I think in 2008, Opening day cards were released before Topps regular issues because a card like Miguel Tajeda was in his Orioles uni, but in the Topps regular set airbrushed the photo as an Astro.

    Of, Course there were no OD cards in 2009

  2. yeah, when I saw these last week on Cardboard Junkie I thought they looked better than the regular base set. Without all that horrendous foil, the cards are easier to llok at.

  3. I really think the Attax card background would make so a nice simple base set to something.

  4. You don't like to rip packs!?! LOL
    I did a post on these a couple days ago but I didn't get any Bazooka Joe inserts.I think this is a great,fun set for younger collectors.I'd be interested in the Tribe cards,as usual.And the Mantle,if a New York fan like you doesn't want it for some reason.I'll check my Puhols and may have some more Yankee Legacy.

  5. Uh, Captain, you didn't see them on Cardboard Junkie. He hasn't blogged about OD (probably wisely):


  6. I like the mascots, and the Bazooka cards remind me that I miss having a separate Bazooka set.

    Opening Day, with the same design & same photos as the Topps base set, is a waste of everybody's time.

  7. I would love some mascot cards. Silly and fun. Maybe I will pick up some packs for the boy to open in 10 years.

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  9. they're a nice little add-on, base-card subset for team collectors, plus i like the series 2 "preview" cards. series 1 was weak on the tigers, so it was good to grab a verlander and cabrera... after all, they are the franchise.

    plus who doesn't like mascot cards???

  10. night owl, dayf.... you're the same person blogging about the same things....

    j/k... don't hate...

  11. The more I see of this, the more I'm liking it. I must send more useful stuffs soon in hopes of landing the suh-weet Vladdy & Aramis cards.

  12. I got a shiny Attax card of CC Sabathia today. You gals were right, those are beautiful...too bad it was a Yankee player though!

  13. Like that Vlad parallel, nice color choice with that particular blue. Unlike the 2003 Topps base set.

    Never bought this set, just don't see the reason for it's existence.

  14. I really hate these cards and I will tell you why.

    1) They don't include the bright red border that the Opening Day sets used to have. I miss that. They made the cards unique and stand out.

    2) Half of the team logos have the city names (like Seattle Mariners) while the other have just have the short names (like Rays). Someone REALLY screwed up, and it's annoying to me BIG TIME.

    That's all. I will pass on these.