February 23, 2010

Can someone explain these to me?

When I do searches on eBay that involve jersey cards, I usually end up getting cards that manufactured. They aren't cards that you get from Upper Deck or Topps.

Here's a Derek Jeter jersey cardI don't understand.

National Sportscard Authenticators created the card, included a game-used jersey, threw it in slab and viola.

Is there a market for these cards? Because at the price they are charging, I can two, maybe even three Jeter jersey cards from Topps or Upper Deck. Then again, these days how do we even know those are real?


  1. I have been watching these things for quite a while now wondering the exact same thing. Apparently their claim to fame (or infamy) is that they will pay you $1500 for any card that has been cut, trimmed, or forged that they end up grading. Sounds like a scam to me. Who would admit to that? They would either lose their credibility by paying out the money or the person who sent in the card would admit to being a forger.

    Plus I have been trying to go to their website for almost a year and all you get is an "under construction" page holder. I call shenanigans!!

  2. this is BS, It's a group of low-lifes trying to catch grandma when she is shopping for her favorite little sports enthusiast. Poor Gramma.That "guarantee" is too strange...who would offer 1500 like that?