February 5, 2010

Bloggers helping bloggers

Technically, it doesn't need to be bloggers. Anyone with a computer connection - and a weekend blizzard - can help out.

SRUChris, Stale Gum and others have been compiling a Wiki on baseball cards. Here you'll find checklists and basic information about sets.

Check out the link here.

Obviously, there are so many sets and so much going on that it's nearly impossible for a few people who have other responsibilities such as school, work and life to be able to create the entire list. But, you can help. It's simple with direction right on the page.

Eventually, I think the BaseballCardPedia is going to be expendable source. It would be amazing if people could help out, no matter how small. Everything adds up.

I mean, look how great this is. They already have a 2010 Upper Deck checklist.


  1. I think this is awesome. I've seen some other wikis out there for the hobby, but most seem out of date. This will be a great resource.

  2. It's easy too. When entering information, just make sure that it is accurate. After seeing the initial post at Stale Gum, I spent a sleepless night working on a good chunk of the 2010 UD list.

    I was able to list all but one of the Season Bio cards and many of the insert sets in only a couple hours using eBay listings as a guide.

    If anyone is bored this weekend, this is a great way to spend your time.

  3. Appreciate the plug. Any help is needed, but we could used some folks to help out with scans of cards, waxboxes and packs wrappers.

  4. Looks very cool.

    I will look into how to post.

  5. I just updated the Goodwin Champions checklist - memorabilia section

  6. Dude how can I get one of those Dice K's?