February 8, 2010

2010 Upper Deck Series 1 Rack Pack

Don't get too excited, this blog is short and sweet. I noticed not many of you have seen the Tape Measure Shot cards, so I decided to scan them for you all to see. I bought one pack pack and it guarantees 2 of these cards per rack pack.

All that was in the rack pack were the 2 Tape Measure Shots, and a Biography card. The rest were base cards so I'm not scanning those since we have all seen them already.

I still have to show you guys what I got in the pack from the hobby shop the other day. Well worth driving down there for it.


  1. Ryan Howard hits a Homer in a Home game v the Cards. The picture of the game is from an away game v the Mets.

    well done.

  2. deal - I looked at my 4 Tape Measure Shots cards after your comment and:

    Brandon Inge pictured in home whites for a HR hit in Ontario and Carlos Pena pictured in Busch Stadium for a HR hit in St. Petersburg.

  3. I gotta say those Tape Measure cards are nice looking. How much are those rack packs?

  4. I should have included the price. They are $4.99 in Target and I can bet they are higher in places like Toys R Us and Sports Authority.

    I went to Toys R Us the other day trying to kill time before an appointment and they raised blasters to $21.99, and rack packs I believe were $5.99

    And good points on the photos, I didn't even look at the pictures that closely.

  5. Those tape measure shots would look pretty cool as bat cards.

  6. Those 2 tape measure cards are the exact same 2 I featured on my blog, as well as the same 2 that I saw on Heartbreaking Cards' blog.

    If it wasn't for Roy's comment I'd start to think those were the only ones they made.

  7. LOL @nightowl. Clearly I need to brush up on my daily reading lately.

    I saw a bunch of comments on twitter that people didn't know what these looked like so I just threw 'em up.


  8. I dunno, I still think Topps did better with inserts this year but both have awful base designs (in this wombat's humble opinion).

  9. I do like the die cuts in UD though.