February 12, 2010

2010 Upper Deck Series 1 Blaster

I have officially opened everything from 2010 Upper Deck except a retail pack which I almost picked up today and decided I didn't care that much. The blaster was fun to open while being snowed in, and while the "hit" of the box rhymed with the word hit, it still wasn't fun.

Honestly my favorite part of the blaster were the inserts, I didn't pay much attention to the base cards except for separating the rookies, which I think I would like to complete that 40 card set. I also kind of want to complete the Biography set, but at the same time I am not willing to make an effort to collect 2 of each Pujols and Cano so there is one in the set and one in my PC because I am crazy.

My favorite part of the blaster were the Celebrity Predictions. For some reason these make me laugh and I also thought about a set of these, partly because I like them and partly because I am sure no one else does.

Anyway, enough with the jibber jabber. Here is what I got, minus all base cards.

While there were other rookie cards in the box, I didn't feel like scanning the rest. I am keeping the Buster before anyone inquires, I like what I hear about him.

I still haven't gone through the pile of UD on my desk to see if there are any variants or any doubles for that matter, but if I find any I will post the pictures.


  1. Isn't Eckstein that lil hobbit-like guy?

  2. I picked up 3 hobby packs today and managed to score the Jeter UD Game Jersey card and the Sabathia Pure Heat card. I have to think about it some more but I think I like the base set design but all these weird photos of guys twisting away from the camara are distracting.


  4. D'oh, Eckstein. Ouch. Do you want a Whammy or Price is Right loser horn link for that?

    Lurvin' the die-cut inserts though. Maybe if we get a series 2, they'll do hologram inserts, and the circle will be complete.

    Still mildly creeped out by the Predictors.

  5. Diss Eckstein all you'd like, but he knows how to play the game the right way.

  6. Only one card could have been worse than Eckstein. And he's not even a Sox player.