February 24, 2010

2010 Topps Heritage

Today after my class I e-mailed the hobby shop to see if they got in Heritage yet, and they did so I took a ride over and picked up a couple of packs. I have not scanned them all yet, but I am going to work on that for tomorrow. I also got to meet my friend Dan, who collects Adam Lind also. He brought me some cards so I have to work on getting some together for him.

What I have noticed today on eBay is that there are a bunch of 2010 Topps Base sets for sale at a reasonable price if you can't afford to break hobby boxes, or would rather save some money and just pick up the whole set this way. There are also some 2010 Topps Team sets popping up now if you prefer to go that route.

I missed an auction I should have just did the buy-it-now on but I am cheap. I figured I would think about it while I ate dinner and it was long gone by the time I finished eating. I am still kicking myself hours later for not bidding on this Lot of Pujols cards. I also know a bunch of you guys are going to be breaking boxes so I am hoping to trade for some of the base cards I need and maybe even a chrome or two.

Did anyone else bust a box or packs yet? I know sruchris did, and I am in kahootz for trading with him already.

At first look at these cards I will agree with the people that said this is the best looking Heritage set yet. It is 1,000 times better than last year design wise.

Edit: Have you guys checked out Heritage Stamp cards and box toppers yet? They are pretty damn sweet.


  1. I'll be breaking a box some time next week, and probably another after that, so if you post your want list I'll be sure to check my dupes.

  2. Just so happens that my two Heritage hobby boxes arrived from Blowout today, and I just started opening them. I just opened my stamp box topper. I got the Tigers. It's not really as cool as you'd think. There aren't actual stamps on it. The stamps are just kinda pictured on the card.

    I'll let you know if I pull any cool Pujols cards.

  3. First hit was in the first pack. A Paul Konerko jersey card. Can't contain my excitement about that one. It's a good thing that Heritage is such a fun set to build, because the hits are always absolute crap.

  4. lol, I'm sure you can trade it. I picked the bottom 2 packs from each row at the shop today.

  5. OK ... now I see what you mean with the stamp cards. Just pulled a regular card (not box topper) with stamps of Shin-Soo Choo and Francisco Rodriguez in it. #12/50. Not excited about the players, but it's still a cool card. I'll scan and post this one on my blog.