February 23, 2010

2010 Topps Heritage live (thanks to Ballcard Mania)

Ballcard Mania just had a post on his site that 2010 Topps Heritage is live. And, so they are.

Just went to eBay and singles are popping up everywhere.

Here's Buster Posey
Jason Bay as a MET!
Tommy Hanson
And, old reliable Derek Jeter

The only hit so far is a Jeff Francis jersey card

Early thoughts? No thoughts? Who has a case coming in the mail?


  1. The one thing that always has and still bothers me about Heritage is the damn giant Logo that is semi transparent. 1) The Logo isn't "vintage" looking at all and isn't that the point of Heritage? 2. Semi transparent overlays DIDN'T HAPPEN back when the original cards were made so why keep doing that? make it a solid color.. or just keep it on the back of the card. Why can't we just have a regular topps logo on there? ::end design nerd rant::

  2. Now, that you mention it the RC logo on Buster Posey looks pretty out of place.

    I don't really notice the Topps Heritage logo as much, but I tend to not see most things. (I walk into everything).

  3. I never minded the Heritage logo or it's transparency. I always thought it was tastefully done. That RC logo, as Sooz pointed out, is awful. Still! I like Heritage and make buy a box and work an insert set and grab the autos. I have a friend who WILL buy a case or two. He's crazy like that.

  4. Glasses, Sooz? Maybe laser surgery? Walking into stuff all the time doesn't sound good. :(

  5. I'm so glad they didn't tweak the '61 design at all. It's so plain I was really afraid Topps was going to get cute. I can't wait to get some they look great!

  6. In my youth, I had most of the cards from 1958 until 1963. The Heritage prints seem washed out compaired to the original cards.

    BTW: I do not have those old cards today, unfortunately.

  7. But where is the card with Thomas Jefferson in the background or the one with David Ortiz wearing a Giants uniform or or or any other ridiculous gimmick?

  8. The RC logo is hideoous on these cards. Why not make the logo the same tones as the card..... #toppsfail