February 25, 2010

2010 Topps Heritage 7 Pack Break

Yesterday I went down to my favorite card shop, the Baseball Card Store in Midland Park, NJ and picked up a bunch of Heritage packs from a nice fresh hobby box. I tried very hard to keep from opening them until today for the boredom, but I opened half last night and half today.

This year is definitely the nicest looking set of Heritage if you ask me. One of the other things that is nice about the Heritage is that there is a nice variety of cards, and stuff for the player collector as well as the set collector to chase. There is definitely something for everyone. I really want to order a box or two of these because for the price it is a fun break.

The box toppers are fun this year with the regular versions as well as the stamp versions, so now if you collect a player or a team you will have two to try and track down. Dave the owner of the shop was nice enough to give me the topper from the hobby box they opened, which was super cool of him.

While I know I am not the first to post pack breaks of Heritage, I did scan each pack for everyone to see the cards rather than reading them. It is also nice to see the cards so you can get an idea of the collation of the inserts and SPs.

Pack 1:
Hanley Ramirez Chrome
Pack 2:
Ichiro MVP

Pack 3:
Pablo Sandoval Chrome
Pack 4:
Max Scherzer Chrome
Pack 5:
Kenshin Kawakami SP

Pack 6:
Pack 7:
Ichiro MVP
Wrapper (I have one for BASEBALL DAD *wink*)

I'm much happier with what I got out of 7 hobby packs than I would have been with a blaster. You really can't beat a great price on hobby packs when you know the store doesn't mess with the packs, plus your odds of pulling anything non-base is substantially better in the hobby packs I'm sure. I wish it wasn't going to still be snowing tomorrow because I would really like to open more of these.


  1. Wink back !! Nice post. These cards bring back memories.I was 10 years old in the Summer of '61.Thanks in advance for the wrapper!

  2. It's such a great looking set, the 61, and it still looks good today as Heritage.

    Hm, word verification is "cookie" and now I want cookies...

  3. I like cookies too...

    why does every baseball set make Kenshin Kawakami a SP?

  4. Call me crazy, but I think these be better than the original '61s. The originals don't do much for me but I like these anyway. Odd. Anyway, I had a sudden urge to shout "Stop pulling all my players! Save some for me!" after the HanRam chrome, Ichiro SP, Sandoval chrome start. Then you pulled about five more guys I collect... so I really hope I do as well when I get a few packs, because I'm pretty sure I've got nothing to offer except that Pujols sketch card I forgot to send last time.

    Count me in as wanting a cookie too. A Famous Amos one. I will settle for a microwaved donut though.

  5. I'm calling you crazy, lonestarr. Original '61s are purty.

  6. I have one original 61 card, once I find it I will scan it. It's not in great condition because my uncle had like 6 of them and chose to give me the crappiest one despite having stole all my father baseball cards (read: my baseball cards). But that's a whole other story.

  7. Marie, I'll definitely trade the NAP Pujols for the Manny SP; Can I get a crack at that Sandoval Chrome? Starting to collect the Panda

  8. Oh yeah, want the Scutaro, too. Hit me up on twitter to discuss further.

  9. I think I may have some things you would like. In my 3 hobby boxes of heritage I got a Pujols AND a Lind Chrome Refractor, as well as a Pujols New Age Performer and base card double (although I see I've been beaten to it on the NAP - and in return for a card I needed!). I have some strange knack for pulling his parallels, one of these days I swear I'll pull one of his big hits.

  10. Christian, hold onto that Pujols Chrome Refractor for me if you could. email me about what you would like in return. I'll be getting more Heritage soon, so I will have some bait for that unless you had something in mind already. Sadly I picked up the Lind on eBay because he had no bids with a minute left so I got it for 99 cents, not that upsetting.