February 3, 2010

2010 Fantasy Baseball

OK, here is where we stand as of now:

1. The Franchise
2. The Dude
3. Purple Donkey
4. Carolina XFractors
5. Boneyard Braves
6. Cards on Cards
7. Victorious Secret
9. Grand Cards
10. Mr. Scott
**11. Peterson
**12. Anthony K.

I told everyone that played last year that they would be given the option to vote for 10 teams or 12, so please leave your preference. If 12 is the vote then the 2 new additions are listed already.

I also would like to make sure that everyone is for head-to-head as opposed to roto style as well as if you would like daily roster changes along with daily add/drops, or weekly roster changes. There will be a cap on transactions per week because I think that it will this more competitive. If you guys feel differently I am all for hearing about it, so bring it on.

Also, I am thinking of doing the draft possibly the first weekend in March and whichever day is good for the majority will win.


  1. Can't wait to play ball. I don't care what ever rules are chosen I just can't wait for the season to begin...

  2. 12 is fine - you've got the teams filled already

    daily lineups/add/drops

    head to head

    no restrictions on transactions.

  3. My vote is for 10 teams - sorry to #11 and #12, but the talent is spread too thin in 12 team leagues.

    I wouldn't mind seeing fewer bench slots for the teams this year - it seemed like last year we had too many bench slots, which meant that there were very few worthwhile players available on the waiver wire.

    I vote for head-to-head.

    And daily roster changes.

    And daily add/drops.

    No cap on transactions.

    First weekend in March is fine, but wouldn't mind if it was moved later to avoid drafting players who get hurt, change teams, etc early in spring training.

  4. Gcrl if you want to still play you will get priority. I made it clear last years teams get preference.

  5. I would love to play guys, but wholly respect if y'all want to keep a 10 league.

  6. As one of the two odd men out if it is 10, I say go 12 ;)

    As for the talent being spread to thin (Dave)...wouldn't that mean if you win the league you are truly the best player in the league?

    10 team leagues are so watered down it's no fun. Why have every team loaded with superstars?

    Hell, I am in two leagues with 14 and 16 TEAMS.

    Anyways, if it stays at 10..good luck. If you make it 12, i'd be glad to win in my inaugural season :D

  7. I once did a 10 team AL only league. Watered down teams doesn't seem like a problem to me.

  8. I'm fine with 12 teams. As for the other rules, I don't really care...whatever the majority wants. Thanks.

  9. I'm good with 12 teams like last year. I also like head-to-head, rather than rotisserie style.

    Daily roster changes are OK, but waiver wire action should be limited to 2 executions per week, with priority adjusted weekly, if possible.

    I don't want to see a transaction cap, but something to prevent pitcher streaming would be nice.

    I agree with Dave about bench slots, a couple fewer (especially in pitching) would help keep things more competitive.

    I presume we merely need to forward $20 to your email address via PayPal like last year, correct?

    Looking forward to the season!