February 15, 2010

2010 eTopps 206 Tribute cards

eTopps sent out an e-mail this morning stating that they are bringing back the 206 cards in an eTopps version starting Monday Fenruary 22nd, at 1:00pm and will be available until March 1st at 3am EST.

Each week will feature a star player from the last 20 years and all of this is to get everyone geared up for baseball season, according to the letter that is.

Obviously these cards will be extremely short printed like everything else they do, and you will need to get there exactly at 1pm maybe sooner to have a shot and that weeks player.

When they announce week 1, we will pass that information along in case you are not on their mailing list.


  1. I never got into the whole ecard/eTopps thing, but they seem sorta popular. I know you can ask for the cards to be mailed to you, but... I guess I'm old school. Which is weird, because I'm totally in favor of a digital publishing revolution. With robots.

  2. They say it will start at 1 PM but what the really mean is it won't. In fact it may not even start on that day.

  3. Yeah, see, this is why I hate working during semi-normal hours. Someone gotta let me know if Mauer gets a card.