December 30, 2009


I'm actually speechless right now. I opened a hobby box of 2009 Sweet Spot tonight while Marie was on the phone. She can verify how cranky I was before I opened the box and the crankiness spewing from the phone through the first five packs.

First pack wasn't too bad with a triple game-used jersey card of Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder and Bill Hall.

It started going way down hill from there.

Pack 2: Carlos Lee GU jersey. Yes, that's a double for me. I got this card in a group break with VOTC.

Pack 3: Carl Yastremski (however, it's spelled) GU jersey. Wait, yes, that's a double too.

Pack 4: Rick Porcello GU jersey. While I liked the hit, the card was actually damaged. There were two dings in it and white showing because it was chipped. So, I'm annoyed I got a damaged card.

Pack 5: Donald Veal auto /650. Who?

At this point, I'm shaking my head at buying a hobby box of this. I couldn't believe I spent $81 (at Dave and Adam's) on this hobby box. I'm yelling at myself in my head and begrudgingly opened the final pack.

I like to tease myself when I know there is a hit. So, I slowly move the base cards out of the way to see if I can get a peek at who it is.

Suddenly, I see a Yankee helmet on the picture.

I freeze and get nervous. Marie is yelling at me to look at the card.

Well, here it is:

I didn't have much to say because I'm floored I pulled this card. Marie didn't believe me because I was just so surprised and couldn't say anything.

Funny thing about this card is that this is the card she was trying to get me for my birthday because she likes the black bat better. But, ended up with the brown bat.

Good thing, because I would have ended up with three doubles of game-used cards.


  1. It's so awesome when you pull a card of your favorite player. Congrats!

  2. I actually have a headache now because I think all the blood rushed to my head.

  3. Your luck is about to get better.

    I pulled a card I think you might want. Details on my blog tonight (as soon as I get my lazy ass in gear).

  4. What might you like for the Yaz jersey double

  5. I would love the Yaz too. No idea what it is worth though.

  6. Long post for someone who is speechless j/k ;)

  7. Jeff, I thought that after I typed it. I was able to describe the situation, but I don't have much to say about the card because I am still staring at it.


  8. Fair enough Sooz, I just got a giggle out of the situation :) and of course congrats on the card. It is a great feeling to pull a PC card like that.

  9. Take it to your local childrens hospital, and give it to a kid who loves jeter as much as you do.

    I will match you with a Griffey.


  10. Nice pull! It seems like there is a Jeter auto in every other Sweet Spot box this year.

    Word Verification = christ

    I am not making that up.

  11. Very nice! That was a good deal at Dave and Adam's too... I was THISCLOSE to pulling the trigger, which I should've done. O'well.