December 6, 2009

When is a 1/1, not?

Player collectors love their 1/1, at least I know I do. But when is a 1/1 not really one-of-a-kind, or at least as rare as you would like the card to be.

Apparently, when it's a Topps Unique card. Currently there are two auctions on eBay of Andruw Jones MLB logo autograph cards and they are both 1/1.

Auction 1

Auction 2

A Beckett search of Andruw Jones and Unique reveals that he has 13 cards in the set and all of them are 1/1.

There is a bat knob autograph, four Russell logo autographs and eight MLB logoman autos. Eight, but they are all 1/1 because they come from different jerseys, I presume. Not because it's one card that is unique (ha ha) to the entire set.

Jones isn't the only one this has happened to in the set. Here are a few examples: five Bobby Abreu, two Elvis Andrus, two Homer Bailey, five Hank Blalock, two Robinson Cano, two Jacoby Ellsbury, four Prince Fielder, three Alex Gordon, five Vladimir Guerrero, five Ryan Howard, four Torii Hunter, seven Albert Pujols logomans and seven David Ortiz.

This could mean the price won't reflect what a true 1/1 would go for. It's tough to want a card that says something despite the fact that you know it's untrue.

Luckily I won't have to make that decision as there no Derek Jeter cards in the set other than the base and parallels.


  1. well that's the stupidest thing I've heard since the Gold Glove winners were announced.

    Topps does it again.

  2. As George Costanza said after sleeping with the cleaning lady at the office...

    "Was that wrong?"

  3. That reminds me of Moments & milestones.

    All of these "1/1's" being overproduced really puts a premium on earlier release 1/1's like LCM Mirror Blacks, Turkey Red Suede, Legacy Collection, etc.

    Not sure if either of the two active guys I collect are in it, but I really hope not after hearing this.

  4. If there was a 1/1 bat knob, a 1/1 Russell logo and a 1/1 MLB logo, I wouldn't have a problem. They are all different cards.

    But if you have 8 MLB logoman cards in the set, they should be number x/8, not 1/1.

  5. The only thing different about these two cards is that one has thicker, darker curved lines on the front than the other. The problem is, now that Topps has an exclusive mlb card license, they will have no motivation to be more honest and produce some legit 1/1's.

  6. It doesn't matter folks. EBAY's Joe Collectors wisdom supersedes all things created unequal. If it has a mudstain then it is a 1/1. If it has a jersey number then according to Law #12 of the HOLY JOE C. Bible it is a 1/1 and commands FULL BECKETT BOOK VALUE! So it is written, so thy must be known.