December 6, 2009

Sunday Question: What would you get (Fill in the blank) as a holiday gift?

The blogosphere is pretty big. So, pick a blogger or three and give them something for the holidays.

It doesn't have to be trading card related. However, let's get a huge list going. By next weekend, I'll post the results of the best and funniest answers to see what everyone is going to get in their stocking.

I'll start.

For Marie: a 2001 Albert Pujols rookie autograph.

It's not funny, but goodness that's what she wants more than anything.


  1. I wish. That is right above someone sending Grady Sizemore a video camera.

    Here are a few from me.

    Sooz: 1993 SP Jeter buyback AU, eye cream, a new phone number, and $1000 bucks.

    Flash and Kim: 2 plane ticket to NY and 2 tickets for Opening Day.

    Twitchy (Behind these Hazel Eyes): Tylenol PM and a clock.

    paulsrandomstuff: Roy Halladay in a Mets uniform.

  2. Wahahaha, I need it!

    For Marie and Sooz, sketch cards of Pujols and Jeter by actual professional artists.

    For all the Indians card bloggers, V-Mart, Cliff, & CC back in an Indians uniform.

    For Captain Canuck, Adam LaRoche STAYING in a Braves uniform.

    For Mario, a fresh start and a better tomorrow.

  3. For Dayf: An invitation to Michael Eisner's holiday party where he personally apologizes for the 2009 Topps Baseball Black/Retro bait and switch.

    For Chris Harris:
    A get-through-any-toll-booth-on-the-east-coast-for-free pass.

    For Thorzul:
    A week of snow days.

  4. For Topps - Sruchris' invitation, and a website for their sets that is usable and informative for us geezers that don't Twitter.

    For Upper Deck - a license for MLB on the condition that they only use it for original designed flagship, Ultimate, SP..., Artifacts, and a few resurrected Fleer brands. NOT X, Heroes, or any other set that hasn't changed in five years...

    For the ACProb gals - live, in person Smooch-O-Grams from Pujols and Jeter.