December 27, 2009

Sunday Question: What did you get for Christmas?

We showed you ours, now we want to see yours.

What kinds of cool sports cards or collectibles were under your tree or in your stockings?

And more importantly if you got any cards that would peak our interests, let's trade! =)

P.S. We didn't forget about the case break. We are going to e-mail out for pricing this week.


  1. My fiancee gave me a Robinson Cano signed bat with a case from Steiner Sports. She had been holding it for over a year. I am a happy man...a very happy man.

  2. that is AWESOME!!!! that's next on my list of memorabilia. signed bats are probably the coolest things to have.

  3. I'm mostly a basketball card collector! Got a box of Panini R&S, Blaster Box of R&S and blaster box of regular panini basketball. Hits were Greg Oden GU, Dirk Nowitzki GU Gold Stars, BJ Mullens GU auto, Michael Beasley prime cuts GU auto, and Evans/Curry GU Studio Rookies! Liked what I got, can't complain!!

  4. I got $75. Turned it into a box of '08 Donruss Threads baseball and a couple Playoff football packs w/ hits in 'em that were on sale. Won't know how they turn out till they get here sometime in January though. Also, it helped pay for entering entering the Old School Group Break.

  5. I got a few of the $11 special boxes that I had given to family to give to me. ;)

    I also had a family rip of a $11 documentary box, and I opened my fourth and final Christmas pack from a box of 2005 Absolute Memorabilia Update. Now I have to find a product I want to rip for the next few Christmas'. ;)

    Other than that, I did get a gift of enough money to buy a share of Berkshire Hathaway B stock, so I'm happy to be adding that to my IRA when I find a good entry point and pull the trigger on it.

  6. On the card front:
    2 blasters of Topps Chrome Football, 1 pack of 09 Sweet Spot, and some loose packs of 206 and Bowman Chrome Football. Oh...and a 1973 Topps Mike Schmidt RC :)

    Other sports stuff:
    2 new Phillies caps, a Phillies hoodie, a sweet retro Eagles bobblehead, a Phillies calendar, and an Eagles ornament.

  7. Sounds like everyone did pretty well on the card front. I'm sure there will be many box breaks being posted this week, including one from me for a change.

  8. I had no clue she had was kept in a back bedroom closet which I would have no reason to go into. For last Valentine's Day she broke out a dual signed baseball of Jake Peavy and CC Sabathia. It's great marrying a woman who cares as much for the Yankees and autographed memorabilia as I do.