December 20, 2009

Sunday Question and Week in Review

This week's question isn't hobby related. Us, chicks, at Cardboard Problem want to know if you guys are interested in a group break of a case or a few boxes of cards. I've done breaks in the past, but normally I pass on them because I don't like getting cards I don't want. That's the bottom line.

So, if we hold a group break and separate it by team of your choosing, how many of you would be interested. I don't have a product in mind yet, but I figure newer product that we normally wouldn't buy ourselves would fall into this category.

Some of the numbers I crunched for some cases came out to $20/team.

Let us know what you think or if you have any suggestions.

Week in Review

-Sooz found a fancy collection on display at Citizens Bank Park over the summer and finally got around to posting it.

- Marie has had some good luck at card shops recently.

- Sooz is ungrateful for her pulls even though she beat the odds, so she's sticking to buying cards online.

- Marie unveils her birthday presents, the good , the bad and the one she thought got away.


  1. depends on the product, but sure, I'm in

  2. I will probably, depending on the product take the Cardinals.

  3. Would all the boxes be of the same product? Either way, I'd be interested.

  4. I am involved in 2 group breaks at this moment, so chances are good that I'd be in.

  5. I would probably be in, would definitely be in if I could choose the Red Sox.

  6. I would be in depending on the product...and to a lesser extent, getting the brewers or O's.

  7. I would be interested (never participated in a group break before, but always wanted to). I imagine you would take the Yankees, so I would choose the Dodgers. : )

  8. I would most likely be in, depending on the product, as other have stated.

    I would be interested in the astros ;)

  9. I'd most likely be in as well, especially of a product that 1) I'm collecting or 2) I don't have many (any) of.