December 13, 2009

Sunday Question and week in review

Last Sunday we asked the question, what are you leaving your fellow card bloggers under the tree, menora or your present-giving device of choice.

Sadly (and I was sad), there weren't many responses. So, I am leaving the question up for one more week.

Here are the responses we have received so far to give you guys some ideas.

From Marie:
Sooz: 1993 SP Jeter buyback AU, eye cream, a new phone number, and $1000 bucks.

Flash and Kim: 2 plane ticket to NY and 2 tickets for Opening Day.

Twitchy (Behind these Hazel Eyes): Tylenol PM and a clock.

paulsrandomstuff: Roy Halladay in a Mets uniform.

From lonestarr:
For Marie and Sooz, sketch cards of Pujols and Jeter by actual professional artists.

For all the Indians card bloggers, V-Mart, Cliff, & CC back in an Indians uniform.

For Captain Canuck, Adam LaRoche STAYING in a Braves uniform.

For Mario, a fresh start and a better tomorrow.

From sruchris:
For Dayf: An invitation to Michael Eisner's holiday party where he personally apologizes for the 2009 Topps Baseball Black/Retro bait and switch.

For Chris Harris:
A get-through-any-toll-booth-on-the-east-coast-for-free pass.

For Thorzul:
A week of snow days.

From GCA:
For Topps - Sruchris' invitation, and a website for their sets that is usable and informative for us geezers that don't Twitter.

For Upper Deck - a license for MLB on the condition that they only use it for original designed flagship, Ultimate, SP..., Artifacts, and a few resurrected Fleer brands. NOT X, Heroes, or any other set that hasn't changed in five years...

For the ACProb gals - live, in person Smooch-O-Grams from Pujols and Jeter.

This week, we threw up a lot of posts. I wanted to have a week in review just in case there was something fun that you guys missed.

- Curtis Granderson made his splash as a Yankee before he even knew he was headed to New York.
- Looking at a sampling of packs from Topps 206 hobby and retail.
- Marie smashes the odds in Topps 206 retail
- It was also Marie's birthday
- Sooz is tired of Jeter gimmicks


  1. Night Owl: A 1949 Bowman Jackie Robinson Rookie, behind-the-plat tix for Opening Day at Dodger Stadium

    Sooz and Marie: A Albert Pujols/Derek Jeter dual auto they can fight over.

    Max Heaven: Happiness.

  2. Crap, that should say "Wax" not Max ... my three hours of sleep is showing. Ha.

  3. I will happily accept that week of snow days.