December 3, 2009

The Revenge of 2009 Topps T206 Packs

If you really thought I wasn't going to go back for more, you need to read this blog more often. I was thinking about it last night that I got 6 out of 20 packs, with virtually nothing in them leaving the hits for someone else. Why would I do that? After spin yesterday morning I went back and had a go at the stack in the case. I asked the guy for the pile, picked 4 from the middle and gave it back.

Here is how this went down:

crap, boring, boring.
one for each of us, and a Honus Wagner that I can have graded then put up on eBay for a kajillion dollars to start for no reason.
Cubs party, with a fish.

Holla Teix NNO SP

The Mick checklist #2/7
Whiggity what?! Ichiro Piedmont game used.
Clearly going back to get hosed was a good idea. Not that it was a Pujols or Cano kinda day, but I like stuff that I can trade into stuff I want. I'm still not that big of a fan of these cards, but you do get 9 cards per hobby pack so it's not terrible. I hate buying packs that have 3 or 4 cards for $5 a pack, and then you pull 2 unknowns are a card that's worth a buck. At least you get some substance here.

I don't think I have any doubles from all the packs I've opened which is cool, and I would be willing to trade some base cards if anyone is looking for stuff. Ichiro is available as are the majority of the cards I posted from all the T206 packs.


  1. Marie,

    How about that Pujols Sweet Spot for the Ichiro T206?


  2. LOL. You are extra funny today.

  3. Dan, email me maybe we can work something out for that quad with this and some other stuff..... or just trade for that. lol

    Ken, =)

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  5. 3 hits (a relic, SP and Cycle) in 4 packs. Your odds were better this time! So if there are 10 packs left in the box, my guess is that there are 4 SPs, another relic and another Polar Bear left. If you don't enjoy these cards, it's probably not worth buying any more out of this box.

    Even though I've only bought 12 packs so far, I'm planning on doing the set, so I'm interested your base cards. LMK what you want in return.

  6. I haven't tried my luck at T206 yet. I'm not crazy about the look, so I won't be getting too many (unless they are Reds, of course).