December 22, 2009

Pick the case poll

Looking through the cases, there were several viable candidates for A Cardboard Problems first group case break.

There were several thoughts going into picking a case, but the prevailing thought was that we wanted to go with something that many of us would not normally open on our own. This meant no 2010 Topps or the like because within of the release of that product, we'll all likely have doubles of triples of those cards.

Prices are included with each option. This could change, no more than a $1 higher, but could likely go lower if one of the card places gives us a good deal.

You would pick the team you want in the case break, if in a first-come, first-serve basis. If some one else has your team, pick another and perhaps you can trade cards with that person or wait for the next case break (if this one goes well).

The Yankees (Sooz) and Cardinals (Marie) are off the board. The rest would be up for grabs. However, this is NOT the post to pick the team. Once we figure out the product, we will have an official, I pick my team post.

Here are the list of candidates. Please email us with what you would like to see opened. If there is a case on here you don't see, and are interested, let us know that too. Perhaps we overlooked something.

1. 2009 Unique (10 boxes per case, 24 packs per box, 7 cards per pack)
Price per team: ~$35 with shipping

- This didn't get a good reception by one of the Card Bandits, and with good reason. However, this is seemingly a product that is meant for a case break party than with a lone box by yourself. This is our pick for the case break, but we are giving other options.

Highlights: 1 unique auto relic or unique relic card per case
1 auto per box
1 jumbo relic #'d to 40 or less, or 1 patch relic 3'd to 99 or less per box
1 numbered relix per box

2. 2009 SP authentic (12 boxes, 24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack)
Price per team: ~$34

Highlights: - One Insert Or Short Print In Every Package!
- 3 Autos per box, including two By The Letter Signed Patch Cards
- 6 Serial #'d Base Or Base Set Parallel Cards Per Box
- 12 Short Print Base Set Cards Including Faces Of The Game And Emerging Stars per box
- 1 Dual, Triple, Or Quad-Signature Card In Every Case
- 1 20th Anniversary Memorabilia card per case, on average

3. 2008 SPx
Price per team: ~$34

- One Autograph or Memorabilia Card in every pack, on average!
- One Patch card per box, on average!
- Two SPx Mystery Rookie Redemption cards per case, on average!
- Two unique 1 of 1 cards featuring Ken Griffey Jr. or Babe Ruth per case (which I think would be given to a person who did not get any hits or done through


  1. I would think 2008 spx would be a good one. Since there are sooo many hits per box, it is likely that everyone will end up with at least one. Also the base cards look really nice, so people who didn't get a good turn out for the hits or inserts would still at least end up with a nice pile of base cards

  2. Either 2009 product works for me. I'd rather stay away from 2008 spx.

  3. COme to think of it, any of those products sounds fine, they all have their ups and downs. I'll have to see if I have money to participate

  4. Eh. Unique, although I'd rather see a case break of 2009 BDP&P.

    I want the Astros too ;)

  5. The Unique base cards are so ugly. I vote for either of the non-Unique cases. BTW, bad luck with the eBay schmuck. I got a card in a plain, white envelope, with the card only in a penny sleeve, sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard. Surprisingly, no damage to the card, but I was pissed.

  6. Pop Startled, we take care of our cards and that's why we hate to see things like ebay items being shipped in the way that you described, but I think that that particular seller should be given some slack. In his defense, standard mail seems to stay in fairly pristine condition especially if there are two pieces of cardboard in the envelope. So if it keeps the shipping cost down enough that it makes purchasing a single card worth while, well maybe his method isn't so horrific.