December 7, 2009

Oh man!

Not only have the brick and mortar card shops dried, but so has one of my favorite eBay stores.

If you remember all the way back to January of this year, I posted about the eBay store by luvbubby. He had so many Derek Jeter cards and for amazing prices. I bought a bunch of cards right there on the spot.

I bought from him once more, but haven't been back since. I decided to peruse the store on Friday night after not coming home with a huge haul from the Philly Card Show.

I discovered the store is no longer there. Luvbubby still has a user account, but his store is gone. I have more money in the process, but I am definitely saddened that he is no longer selling cards. He hasn't sold a card since October.



  1. Not only that, but one of the biggest card blogs ever is closing down. Kinda feels like the whole trading card industry is going belly up. Oy.

  2. I think I've bought from that eBay seller too. I don't know if it's a reflection on the hobby or the increase in eBay fees.

  3. Have you looked around sportlots to see if they have a seller with a lot of reasonably priced jeter cards?

    I like that site because it has the great assortment of commons for my set building needs, btw.

  4. Don't give up on the hobby just yet! With industry challenges and changes come opportunities! I think there needs to be some "shakeup" in the industry and new innovations brought to light!!