December 5, 2009

New Jersey Nets finally win!

The New Jersey Nets finally picked their first win of the season after going a record 0-18. They defeated the Charlotte Bobcats 97-91.

I felt New York City shaking in anticipation for NJ to get its first win. (For the record, NJ teams are really NYC teams. There's just not enough room in the city.)

Brook Lopez had 31 points and 14 rebounds in the win.

New Jersey did this after firing head coach Lawrence Frank on Nov. 29 before the Lakers beat NJ 106-87. The Nets lost two games after changing coaches. The sad thing is, they got more attention for losing than they ever got for winning.

Check out this auction for Brook Lopez. A patch/auto /225 from UD Exquisite. You can find a number of these on eBay for much less than the asking price.


  1. I saw that score on the ticker of my local news. Charlotte is probably the only team they can beat other than Minnesota maybe. It's funny how they went from Playoff team and Eastern Conf champions back to the worst team in the NBA. At least they got the monkey off their back with this win. Gonna be a rough season for Nets fans....go Devils!

  2. So the Devils are a NY team, too? Like hell they are (no pun intended)...

  3. you're right. NY hates the Nets. And, so does southern NJ. All the Devils have are central and parts of north Jersey.

    they still suck.

  4. Ugh.

    *scratches "Sooz" off secret X-Mas shopping list*
    *replaces "Sooz" with "Captain Canuck"*


  5. I have been replaced by my mortal enemy.


  6. way to upgrade John!

    Leave the darkside... enter the light my friend!

  7. What is going on with you crazy people?