December 4, 2009

My personal Christmas gift

I'm doing my personal Christmas shopping a little early this year. We had a Sunday question where we asked if you ever get trading cards as a gift. As many of you noted, the answer was simply no.

I talked to my boyfriend about this just last week about why he never buys me baseball cards. Since our second bedroom is covered with them, he obviously knows I like them. His answer was that he doesn't buy them for me because he doesn't know what I don't have and he doesn't want to buy me packs or hobby boxes to waste the money and potentially get a box of cards I don't want.

It was sound reasoning. So, that's what I have Marie for. I know she is going to get me at least baseball-related gizmo for the holidays or my birthday.

Then, I also like to treat myself.

That comes today when I am going to visit the Philly Card Show. I've done White Plains a number of times with Marie, but I've never gone to the Philly Card Show despite wanting to hit it for at least the last four years.

There are no signings today, but I that's not what I am there for.

I've only been to one card show outside of New York. The problem in NY is the Yankees cards are always incredibly high because of geographic location. The other card show I hit was in Denver and came away extremely lucky.

I bought a box of 2007 Turkey Red at the show and my box topper was a Derek Jeter cabinet card signed by Dick Perez /25. I had to go all the way to Colorado just to get that card! A girl wouldn't be so lucky around here.

I have two concerns when looking for Yankees cards today. 1. They just won the World Series. So, there are going to be many people looking for their cards. 2. They're the Yankees and are probably expensive no matter what.

Either way, I have a little spending money from playing poker last night and plan on buying myself a little something.

Merry early Christmas to me!


  1. I know what you're getting! I know what you're getting!

  2. Well if I found a girl that loved baseball cards I would ply her with cards constantly. I'd hide packs all over the place so she'd find them just going about her everyday life. T-206 packs in the Coco Puff cereal box, toploader cards in the medicine cabinet, under the remote control, inside her coat pockets and on and on...but there'd be no money for dinner or a movie. Ha ha.

    Sooz (you're Sooz, right?) I got a Goodwin mini-black bordered Mariano Rivera that I thought you might want in a trade. Check out my box break and let me know.

    I can find some other Yankees too, I'm sure.

  3. Ken, if you are looking for someone to spoil with baseball cards... Look no further. I'm right here!

  4. Ha ha. But you're on the East coast. You'll have to float your doppelganger over here.

    It seems like most the bloggers are on the East coast, actually. I grew up there but nobody else migrated west, probably because they didn't want their cards to get damaged in travel!

    I started my collection anew out here. Now I have collections on both coasts. If there's a fire or flood only half my heart will die.

  5. Hmmm... I would need an 18 wheeler to transport my life out west. Oh and I'd have to have my own jet/chopper to go to Yankees games. If I win lotto, I will be knocking on your door.

  6. Ok! That's fine because I'd have to fly back for Orioles games anyway.

    Who collects Kouzmanoff you or Sooz? And you gals only want stuff on your want lists? You aren't hoarding everything like I am?

    I have a Kouzmanoff 2007 By The Letter Rookie Signatures serial number #75/75 for trade too if interested.

  7. Tell me!!!

    Ken, I am definitely interested in trading. What letter is the cards?