December 28, 2009

I opened my Christmas loose packs

I got 4 retail T206 packs and 2 SP Authentic Hobby packs in my stocking. I opened them pretty quickly, but just didn't get to scanning and posting until now.

There were hits in both sets of packs which was pretty cool, however neither of the hits really interest me.

First the T206:

Honus Wagner NNO SP (should slab it and list it for $5,000,000 on eBay)
Jason Varitek (clown back, I mean Polar Bear)
Chipper Jones Old Mill relic card

The 2009 SP Authentic:
Derek Jeter base card
Alfonso Soriano Future Watch Flashbacks #033/495
Phil Coke By The Letter Auto letter "T" (Spells "SP Authentic" which is pretty f-ing dumb)

So there you have it. Some fun stuff to see when you open the packs, but just trade bait at the end of the day.

Prices for the case break will be up tomorrow hopefully. Just waiting on one more quote, but so far Blowout looks to have the best price (as usual).


  1. What product did you decide on?

  2. We didn't pick one yet. Once we get the prices we are going to repost the information and see which one everyone likes, so far I am leaning towards Unique despite my horrible luck.

  3. What's up with the yellow letter for the Phil Coke autograph? -- bad enough that they're spelling "SP Authentic" but yellow letters, too?

    I think it's time for "By The Letter" autograph cards to die.

  4. Stocking cards are the best! I'd be interested in that Varitek if you want to give it up.

  5. I don't think that shade of yellow has ever shown up on a Yankee uniform. How hard is it to use dark blue thread instead of yellow?