December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to my worst best friend ever

Today is Dec. 10 and it's Marie's birthday ... I think.

Oh yeah, it definitely is. I just wanted to say happy birthday to Marie. I got her, oh wait, she didn't get the present yet.

I'll let her show you what I got, although, she does know part of gift. I won't say she tried outbidding me on the item on eBay and then got angry when she didn't win only to feel better when she learned later that I won the card.

But I won't say she didn't either.

P.S. I have no idea who Landon is.


  1. You're the best. Even if you got into a bidding war with me.

  2. Happy Birthday :D December birthday people for the win!

  3. Those cakes are awesome. Oh, happy birthday.

  4. Woohoo happy 43rd, Marie! Kidding... please don't hit me. I bruise easily.

    Seriously though, happy birthday. Hope it's an awesome one. :D

  5. Woot!! Birthdays are the best!!

    Happy Birthday Marie!!

    I love exclamation points at the end of sentences!!

  6. very funny, Twitchy.

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys.

    Very funny Anthony!!

  7. Hey, happy birthday! Those are some sweet cakes, no pun intended.