December 11, 2009

Did you know?

Did you know that BC Sports is open for business?

In April, Marie reported that BC Sports filed for bankruptcy and would close its stores, which are based on the East Coast.

At the time, we were pretty upset to learn the news. Marie worked at one store and I frequently shopped in another. Despite the higher prices, we still bought cards because of its reward program where you earned a point for every $1 you spent. Every time you accumulated $250, you got a $25 gift certificate good toward memorabilia at the end of the year.

Maybe the math isn't there, but we liked it.

Turns out, BC Sports has reopened some of its stores based in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

They have been open since August, which I find unbelievable for a number of reasons.

1. As a frequent who was part of their reward program, I was never contacted about the stores re-opening. One would think that they would want to reach their customer base to prevent what happened earlier this year.

No email. No silly post card in the mail. I haven't even heard anything on sports radio and I listen to the local station nearly every day.

2 (which is also bigger than 1). BC Sports still has not paid its employees (at least the ones that worked in NY) from when they were laid off in April. Marie and other former BC Sports employees are still waiting for their last paycheck to clear.

Those who received direct deposit, never got it. And one of Marie's friends attempted to cash a check and it bounced.

However, if that wasn't bad enough and since I'm a sucker for punishment, I went into BC Sports on Monday to see what was going on.

I checked the shelves, they definitely have product. A lot of the hockey trading cards are on sale. Some baseball is on sale, but they are still overpriced. However, I don't see Topps 206 or Unique, the newest products on the market.

I ask the man working behind the counter if they have any Topps Unique.

He proceeds to look through the shelves, checking every sport because he has no idea what Topps Unique is. He finally tells me no. I said, you don't have 206 either. Those are the newest products.

He does the dumb stare at the wall again and finally tells me no.

Me: What's the newest baseball you have?
Him: We have Updates and Highlights.
Me: I don't really like that one.
Him: We have Bowman (as he shrugs).
Me: Ah. Thanks for looking.

It was a simple conversation, but I was annoyed leaving because the person working the store didn't know anything about cards. The former employees (and I don't know if they are still there) knew about cards. We could have long conversations about breaking boxes and they were fun to talk to.

However, on Monday the guy behind the counter was only interested in talking to some girls walking by the store rather than helping me.

Great times. I guess I'm sticking to eBay and the rest of the Internet for my cards.


  1. My card shop (my only card shop) has a guy who is more interested in talking to the girls who walk by/in the shop.

    His job title: owner.

    I only go in there when I'm desperate.

  2. Never heard of BC sports, doesn't sound like I'm missing much though.

  3. Sooz,
    next time wear the boob shirt you save for the shows... he might be more intersted.

  4. I didn't go to BC Sports all that often, usually only if they had an in-store player signing I was interested in.

    The two closest locations re-opened as temporary stores for the holiday season, but I guess they will be closing again after Christmas. I haven't been to either since they re-opened, and I doubt I will. I'm probably not missing much.

  5. Were these the same women Tiger chased?? Haha You'd think they would pay and settle with their old employees? Interesting