December 21, 2009

Cut Signatures from current players?

There seems to be an eBay seller creating their own "cut signature" cards of players that you can get real autographs on real cards from. I'm not really sure what possessed this person to make this ridiculous looking cards, or who would even want them but I figured you might want to see these. They are marked "1/1", and make no indication of where the signature came from, or whether or not the player actually signed them. The player is not even pictured on the cards.

I happened to find this while doing my usual search for Adam Lind, and then clicked to see what else they were selling and saw that they are making a bunch of them.


  1. Yeah, I just saw one of Granderson and posted about it last night.
    What's the deal with these?

  2. I think that I should sign my name on my napkin, write 1/1 on it, and see what I can get for it in trade. Since you broached the topic, you get first dibs.

  3. I like these about as much as I like the Tri-Star cuts. I don't see why you would want a cut-up baseball card in a frame.

    But if you ever noticed how little most non-certified signed cards sell for, you would understand why they're trying to capture the serial number crowd.

  4. i wouldn't ever buy a card like this. Part of the appeal of TTM is the fact that you get the auto yourself.

    It's also difficult to trust someone that isn't a certified autograph place.

  5. For players/announcers that have no certified auto, it makes sense in that he seems to be turning 3x5's into a card so it displays nicer.

    It doesn't make sense for Adam Lind, who has quite a selection of certified autos.

    I also don't know what to make of the autos - whether they are forged or legit so I would have a tough time wanting to buy a card from this seller unless I knew lots of exmplars for a person of interest to me such as the announcers he sells.

  6. What's really amazing is they are selling. He sold one an Ernie Harwell for $48!

    I gotta think people buying these are not really aware that he made them himself.

  7. Those are awful. I hate any cut auto legit or otherwise, that uses the signature from ANOTHER CARD to get the signature. Getting the signature from a 3x5 card, stationary a canceled check or some other document source is one thing and enjoyable but these the the legit ones that use signatures from cards and photos are terrible. I would never knowingly by one of those.