December 19, 2009

Collection on display

I looked at this display often over the summer. The Phillies had this in a case at Citizens Bank Park in the Hall of Fame Club. I took a few pictures of the cards inside and meant to share them sooner.

However, it took nearly two months for me to post this.

According to the paper, this is only a partial collection on the Szwajkos family, a collection that spans over 80 years.

The cards in the display are only people who have been enshrined into Cooperstown.

Check out some of these cards. They are pretty nice.


  1. Is that a Fleer Ultra Kirby Puckett on the left in the first picture? Nice cards!

  2. if you click on the picture, you can see a close up view of the cards.

  3. Soooooz.... i still have that Kevin Kouzmanoff auto.... do you still want it?? Let me know!!

  4. Funny to see several 1984 Topps mixed in with those other amazing cards. At least it proves there's no snobbery going on!

  5. I think it's funny to see some of those junk wax cards of the 1980's screwed down in those nice screw-down holders!

    I suppose the exhibitor wanted to make the presentation uniform or use those holders to be able to stand up the card if needed.