December 26, 2009

The Christmas loot

Part of the fun of Christmas is the following days reading everyone's blogs and seeing all the cool cards and gizmos everyone got. Sooz loved her present, which made me happy since I debated a few different things (I also debated on getting myself the same card because I liked it that much).

My family is fairly well trained in what to buy me, and they did pretty well for themselves as far as cards go. I got other things that no one here would care about like gym sneakers, slippers, some bling, etc. But you are all here waiting to see my loot. So here we go, starting with Sooz's presents:

2004 Leaf Limited Albert Pujols game used jersey serial #47/50

2008 UD Premier Albert Pujols triple game used jersey serial #59/75

2008 SPx Albert Pujols game used PATCH (My first patch card!!!!) serial #19/50

I love serial numbered cards, and when they have a game used piece on them, even better. I have wanted a Pujols patch card for some time now so the patch card was super awesome.

My parents got me some packs, a hobby box, and a single card.

4 2009 T206 retail packs, and 2 2009 SP Authentic Hobby packs.

2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom hobby box

Oh... and this card...

2005 Sweet Spot Albert Pujols Autographed Glove Leather serial #04/15 (!!!!!)
I saw this card at a card show over the summer, talked to the seller of the card and walked away because clearly I can't afford one of these. My mom went back and played "let's make a deal", and well here it is. Freakin' sweet card that I am VERY happy with.

My brother got me some cool loot, also. He got me a cool framed picture of Albert serial numbered to 1,000 copies, with 2 gold commemorative coins from the Highland Mint, a Robbie Cano card to complete my 2009 Triple Threads quest to have one of each of his cards, and cash to buy myself an auto of Pujols when I find one I like.

2009 Triple Threads Robbie Cano auto/gu serial #1/9

I did pretty well for myself as far as cards go this year, and I think this was more fun than last year opening a bunch of boxes and not getting any cards I really wanted. This year was all about single cards that would enhance my collection and make me happy. I'm very thankful to have gotten so much nice stuff, and having a terrific family that took the time to think of the awesome gifts in this blog post.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends, and I look forward to reading some of your blogs about your loot.


  1. Oh my. That Pujols is just amazing. Congrats! What a great gift. Moms rule!!!

  2. Is that the same Pujols card I talked you out of buying at The White Plains Show? It sure looks like it.

  3. I love all these cards!

    It sure is, Chris. And I freakin' love it.

  4. Wow, those are some great cards!

  5. That Pujols is absolutely beautiful. I love my Piazza collection, but one day I've really got to add a nice auto in there. A really nice looking Sweet Spot would be perfect. Congrats on adding such a great looking card to your collection.