December 7, 2009

Bubble Mailer Day

Happy early birthday to me, from me. I picked up some random cards on eBay last week to fill in my player collections and found a nice group of cards from the same seller which was nice to combine shipping, and then won 2 cheap auctions from 2 separate sellers.

The first envelope had the following cards from 2009 T206:

Regular base cards
Mini Piedmont cards

The second envelope had my bargain card. By bargain, it was less than $3.00 and with the way the Cycle version of Pujols has been selling... I may never see one of those.

The final envelope contained a card that wasn't even a thought in my brain until Flash told me he had won one. Then I was like hmm... I would like one of those cards myself, and ended up on eBay rummaging. I won it for less than $10, and according to Topps it will be shipped to me no later than 03-19-2010. So we shall see when I get it considering Topps tweeted this week that Hughes has finished signing all T206 redemptions.

Not a bad birthday mail day. I love baseball cards.

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  1. Happy early Birthday - I am thinking about collecting the Polar Bears.