December 18, 2009

2009 SP Authentic Packs

The other day I was randomly looking for local card shops online to see if by some chance I missed one somewhere. Apparently I missed one that according to mapquest's directions was 3 minutes and one block from Trader Joe's where I get my groceries. Today I decided to stop in the shop and see what it was about.

The outside of the store would give you no clue that they even sold any kind of sports cards, it was all video games, movies, etc. in their store window. I parked anyway and figured if it was a bust I'd still have a story for all of you to be tortured through. The cards were in the back, in one single case. They had a case full of game used cards and auto stuff, all separated by team and all insanely overpriced. Two that I remember were a Spectrum Pujols jersey for $25 (single white swatch), and a Halladay single blue swatch for $20. I saw a Nolan Ryan auto, which to me was the most reasonably priced card at $120. Packs were varied from years, including 2008 UD Series 1 for $6.99 a pack, 2006 Topps Chrome for $6.99 a pack, 206 $7.99 a pack, and SP Authentic $7.99 a pack. There were others but I don't remember the prices, but they had Bowman Heritage, some Topps, etc.

I decided to spend a little bit of the cash on SP Authentic because I had already seen packs of everything else there. I am not disappointed in my choice, nor am I upset about getting ripped off for two reasons:



I didn't scan anything but the hits because the cards have been done, and they are boring to look at anyway. Yeah, so maybe I'm on a hot streak. If that is the case I sure hope someone in my family picked up a box of something for me to break Christmas morning.

(Note: Markakis card is on hold until I speak to beardy, and Griffey Jr. I am probably keeping unless someone has something super freakin' awesome.)