December 5, 2009

2009 Heritage High Number Series Packs

Can someone tell me why baseball cards are so addicting? No matter where I am I have to check to see if they sell baseball cards, or if I know they do I must stop and look. I wrote on twitter the other day that I picked up some packs since they were just putting them out, I got 4 Heritage and 4 T206 that are for Christmas.

I bought the Heritage to try and pull the Francisco Cervelli RC because I like him and he's Italian. No luck on the Cervelli RC, but I did pull a Matt LaPorta dark back (hubba hubba), 1 Chrome Refractor and 2 Chrome. For retail packs I think I did rather well. I scanned the packs because that's way more fun that reading words.

Pack 1: LaPorta (yum), and Andruw Jones /560

Pack 2: The Mlkman, Adam Dunn dark back
Pack 3: J.A. Happ (should be great for Philly), Juan Rivera /1960
Pack 4: Nyger Morgan (won my fantasy team a bunch of points til I dropped him), Josh Outman /1960
These were fun, even if there was no Pujols SP or Cervelli RC. The Jeter U&H card would have been cooler if that tool Youkilis was not on it.


  1. So there are some photos of players who are not grimacing or looking bored in the Heritage High Numbers set. I was beginning to wonder after looking at the Mets team set I got today.

  2. I've been lookin for a Cervelli RC too. And I agree 100% on the WBC card. The nazi (he really, really looks like one...)should be photoshopped out..

  3. Swag, check eBay stores. I got one tonight for $1.49

  4. I've been holding off buying Heritage High due to the fact that you only get 6 Heritage cards. I'll probably pick up a box or two next year when the price drops.