December 18, 2009

2008 Masterpieces retail box break (Black Friday deal from Blowout)

Sometimes boxes sit in my home and fester until I can't hold back any longer. This is completely different from the way I normally act when it comes to baseball cards. If the box comes in the mail, I could actually sit on it.

If I buy packs or boxes at Target of the local shop, I immediately have to open. And, by immediately, I mean, right in the car in the parking lot before I get home.

Yet, my boxes from Blowout, I let them sit until I decided to open.

Here's the first of two I will highlight.

2008 Masterpieces is a 120-card set with all the cards above 89 being short print. Of the 89 base set, I am missing just four cards from the set after opening the retail box, and just one double.

I received four short prints:

94 - Ryne Sandberg
99 - Ken Griffey Jr.
108 - Joe DiMaggio
110 - Yogi Berrra

Six Yankee Stadium Legacy cards, which are all going to Marie (and it happens to be a trend for this box).

Two framed cards

David Ortiz framed black (another Red Sox insert)

Ken Griffey Jr. #52 framed green 18/75

And, one game-used jersey card, which is also going to Marie. It's like her birthday never ends.

Review: For the $11 or so this cost, this was a great break. I got a jersey card of a star, two variations of stars, including one numbered to 75. I nearly completed the base set and got two Yankee SP. Good times.


  1. Good box, beats my Garret Atkins jersey card from one of my Black Friday boxes; I'd like to get my hands on that Ortiz black border ... Is that one numbered to 125?

  2. Nice box. Are there jersey cards in all '08 Masterpiece retail boxes? They're only $20 still, which makes for an easy (cheap) set to collate.

  3. If you want to finish the set Sooz let me know, I only have like 5,000 of these base cards lol. I plan on helping everyone finish their sets with what I have right after Christmas on NCS!

  4. We haven't traded before but I would love to give you something in return for that Griffey.

  5. It feels like Pujols and Yankees seek you two out!

  6. sruchris, email me. two of three cards are available.