December 23, 2009

2005 Donruss Champions Box Break (or the Roger Cedeno fan pack)

I'm slowly getting around to opening hobby boxes that I have laying around the house. The sad thing us, I have several: 2009 Sweet Spot, 2009 Topps 206, 2007 Sweet Spot, 2008 UD Heroes and 2002 Fleer Triple Crown.

I opted for the 2005 Donruss Champions that I bought on Black Friday from Blowout Cards.

I am not putting up much text. I am going to let the pictures do all the talking.

Here are a few Impressions parallel cards.

The game-used cards

Yes, these are two different Cedeno bat cards

The big hit! It's numbered to /126 or something like that.


  1. I think I do need that Mattingly you pulled. Looks like your box break was worse than mine. Did you pull an auto?

  2. Hold onto that Biggio for me. ;)

  3. "Hobby boxes laying around the house."


    Do you take a nightly bath in diamonds, too?


  4. You want the secret to my success?

    I have no kids and I am not married. So my money stays mine and the credit card company's.

  5. Two Roger Cedeno game used cards. Ouch. Kinda like my Toby Halls.

    Why doesn't that ever happen with great cards?

  6. What's worse: getting bipped or two Roger relics?

  7. Blowout has boxes of this stuff for 49.95. Care to try your luck again?

  8. let's do it. We can split a box.

  9. The Branyan card would fit in one of my binders very nicely! (Please!) I don't know if I can find anything you need or want but I'll try. I held out until I was almost 30, but now have been happily married for almost 30.

  10. you have given me more than enough. Everytime I look at my cards, I think what can I send baseball dad.

    The Branyan is allllll yours.

  11. This was Donruss worst product ever. Tiny little images that are smaller then the relics. This was a relic dump. It was loaded with redemptions that were never filled as well. I did pull a Nolan Ryan sticker auto out of it, but other then that it was painful.