November 8, 2009

Where has Covered in Wrappers been?

(If you hate the Yankees either stop reading or keep quiet.)

This past week has been so much fun for me, and I think I can speak for Sooz as well when I say that. Though Sooz was working the whole World Series I know she enjoyed being there to watch the Yankees beat the Phillies.

I have been waiting since 1996 to see the Yankees win the World Series. Long story short, me and my brother were apparently "too young" to be dropped off at the game at 15 and 10 to see them win, so we have both been waiting since then for another opportunity. Needless to say I took my brother to game 6 and we had a great time.

Sooz and I went to the parade in NYC yesterday and then hung out with some of the Bleacher Creatures after. We had a good time despite both being exhausted and kinda grumpy in the morning. We're not morning people so a 6am wake-up call (at least for me) was a bitch and a half.

I will probably write a little bit better of a synopsis of my experience at a later date, but you will probably be able to read about it on UD's blog. I have been catching up on blogs and schoolwork now that I have nothing to watch on tv.

On a semi-related note, a collectors edition of Yankees cards was brought to my attention today and I don't know if I will be ordering it but I figured I would share it in case someone is interested. QVC is offering a 2009 World Series Champions 27 card set of great Yankees moments from the post season made by Topps. You get the 27 card set for $16.32 on an introductory price with release/shipping on 12/11. I may cave in and request this as a Christmas gift from someone but I must say I really don't see how these cards, which appear to just be Topps base card quality are worth $16.32 plus shipping.

Here are a couple of the better pics that I ended up with from the parade:


  1. I was thinking about getting that set myself. I read somewhere QVC was selling Yankee things. I was disappointed at their selection. Great pictures, I'm glad you got to go and took pics.

  2. I hate the Yankees, but I love a parade! I have to say I am a little jealous... looks like ya had a blast...

  3. If the Yankee set is the same one hobby dealers get, you may want to wait for the release and hub-bub to die down and pick it up for a fraction of what dealers/qvc want for it on preorder.

    enjoy having the trophy in NYC for a year - it'll be on the move to another joyful city next October/November.