November 23, 2009

Upper Deck with the stranglehold

Upper Deck just announced on its Facebook page (at least that's where I read it) that they signed New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada to an exclusive deal for memorabilia and autograph cards.

In the last week, UD signed Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte, already adding them to the stable of stars, including Derek Jeter.

Even though UD does not have an MLB license for next year, they are signing some of the biggest Yankees stars, which is a big deal. These four guys are the core for the current Yankees fans. They watched them (at least three of the four) win five World Series Championships.

Even middle-of-the-road guys like Pettitte and Posada aren't cheap when their cards come out.

UD isn't taking the no-license thingy lying down and I like it.

C'mon Upper Deck! Show MLB the huge mistake it made and how despite not having an MLB license, you're still going to create great cards.

I like Upper Deck. I like Topps.

But, what I really like is competition.

This is getting good.


  1. yep agreed - hopefully this holds up, it will make for an interesting year.

  2. Yankees autographs and relics? Sorry, that's not doing it for me. They need to pick a team I don't hate.

  3. I understand YOU hate them, but worldwide the Yankees win.

    They are appealing to a bigger market than the baseball card collector because the reality is we're gonna buy cards regardless.

  4. I am sure there will be plenty of other players signed to a deal with Upper Deck.

    Wouldn't it be something to have Canseco as a Yankee autographs?!

  5. Is albert exclusive to anyone? I think it may be Upper Deck but I'm not sure.

  6. Oh you are so right. This is awesome. And maybe, just maybe... they'll be able to use this as a lure to get other major leaguers to sign on. I mean com'on, "hey Chase Utley, we got 4 major Yankee wanna be in on this deal? How 'bout you Joe Mauer?" ...they could just market this way to other players and nobody will want to be left out of this "set"

  7. I'll admit Yankee bashing is fun and easy.... but this isn't part of that...
    Jorge Posada???? Really? Does anyone care? I mean, I'd love an auto of Jody Davis, but outside of Braves fans, who else would? Heck, even most Braves fans wouldn't.
    I can see the Posada auto's numbered to 8. That way each of his fans could have one.
    His mom.
    His high school gym teacher... you know....

  8. Wow, haters!

    First off I wanna say that I think this is great for baseball cards. I can't believe Topps was given an exclusive license, and I think ultimately it'll lead to terrible cards. Look what happen when GM was pretty much given a stranglehold on the car industry by Reagan; that worked out real well in the long run didn't it? o wait, no it didn't! I like Upper Deck products and I like the competition.

    Secondly, I don't care whether you dislike the yankees, or despise them, it's ignorant to think that people don't want those guys' autographs. The Yankees are a universal team; everyone knows their players. And it's just as negligent to think that other players won't see this list of high caliber vets and give UD their vote of confidence as well. All you Yankee haters have to be a lil more choosy about how and when to flaunt your disgust because you guys are getting pretty sloppy. You think it is easy to Yankee bash but you guys had barely a leg to stand on with this latest arguement. Btw there is a reason the Yankees have so much money; it's because they have a huge fan base that is willing and able to throw down money to support their team which = good value on their cards as well.

    These signings are a great show of resistance by Upper Deck, and even though they have a lot more work to be done in order to secure their presence in the baseball card collecting world, I like the start.

  9. interesting to see UD playing "Georgie" and "Hankie".

    Instead of passing the savings of no MLBP licensing fees to the consumer -- especially more informal card collectors -- in lower initial box prices, they are reinvesting that savings and more in signing Pettitte, Rivera and Posada, driving up initial Box prices.

  10. Pujols is now a Topps exclusive signer.

    I believe Mario reported that Canseco signed a non-exclusive deal to sign for UD.

  11. Woah, take it easy. I was simply saying that Upper Deck getting an exclusive deal for Yankees autos and relics doesn't interest THIS collector. I wasn't speaking for anyone else, nor do I think it's not going to have an impact.

    Yankees fans can chase all of the unlicensed Yankees autos/relics they want. I hope they do, and save the good stuff for me.

    Finally, I'll choose when and where I'd like to show my disgust, thank you.

  12. Why all the grumpiness around here? Who cares who signs what for who because in the end, you're going to trade whoever you don't want for someone you do, or sell it on eBay. We all win.

  13. How do you do exclusive memorabilia? Doesn't Topps have rights to the player's picture through MLBPA? So, can't they go but a Posada shirt on e-bay, and slap it in a card with his picture on it? Or did Posada withdraw from MLBPA like Bonds did?

  14. Aw, I love you guys, too. My two favorite Yankee fans in the whole world. :) Grumpiness over.

  15. I can see how people dislike that the Yankees take advantage of the financial system, but it's not their fault.

    As for the Yankees' players, they are very easy to like. Rivera, Jeter, Pettite, Posada: these guys are class acts. They represent everything right about how to act on the field and off.

    I just want cool cards and a decent amount of options that covers a wide price range. Topps is my favorite, easily. But any good product is a good thing, no matter the company.

  16. Ok, so I went back and read my original comment I realized I sounded a little more pissed of than I meant to. My apologies guys. I just don't like hearing my team get bashed. The thing is, I don't mind if people hate how the Yankees toss money around like it's nothing, personally I'm not too proud of that myself. But it gets to me when I hear people rippin on those particular four Yankees.

  17. The more players you sign the more influence they have helping you secure a license next time around. It was a baseball player who helped them secure their first one, and the same player who almost bankrupted them as well.

  18. Upper Deck is smart they know they need you have to have a license to be a strong competitor in the baseball market. Its like Levis you take away the label, and its just another pair of jeans.