November 3, 2009

Ridiculous waste of money auction

So I am browsing eBay looking for Christmas gifts when I should be doing my homework, and when I paid for something those little boxes with things I may like come up. Rarely do I ever like any of them number one, and number two they are always hundreds of dollars that I don't have even if I did like them.

Here is the dumbest waste of money I have seen in the hour I have wasted of my life searching eBay.

Must be nice to have $900 bucks to blow on a crappy card with no auto.


  1. Jeez... for that kind of money, you'd think the seller could spring for the shipping cost at least. :-)

  2. "Jeez" is my thought as well.

    On a related note I bought an entire set of cards for 1.25. Well, plus the 14.00 shipping, but for 700 plus cards that is expected.

  3. Wow, that is utterly ridiculous. You could pick up 2 or 3 nice graded Mantles for that price!

  4. I think it is kind of lame lookin too. I mean if I am throwin down serious cash on an A-Rod auto, I think I would want a big old NY on it - not the MLB logo.