November 16, 2009

Mailbag: Question from a reader

A while back I did a story about the only local hobby shop in my area, Mike and Dave's Baseball Card Store, in Midland Park, NJ. Apparently Dave had taken notice of the blog from my write up and sent one of his customers over to see if we knew anything about a problem they had. Thanks for the referral Dave, I am going to try and stop down soon to pick up some packs so have a nice stash of Pujols ready ;)

The problem that Joe (the writer of the e-mail) had was with 2009 UD Goodwin Champions. Here is his dilemma:

"Bought a box from said store and over half the cards were cut having no border on the top. Saw Dave and he sent the whole load back to UD. Did anyone find any like this? Also have you found any card fronts different.In the box was Evelyn Ng auto card plus her regular card and the mini. On the front of the mini was a club royal flush. On all the other cards that had both the regular and mini were the same. Has anyone found any different ones?"

Personally I have not encountered any problems with the borders either in the hobby box I opened or in any retail.

Have any of you had this problem, or seen a store that did? Please help us to solve this Scooby mystery, and maybe, just maybe there is a Scooby Snack in it for the person who uncovers "old man Withers" aka the underlying story here.


  1. Hi, in my preliminary research before buying any packs I read some online reviews written by people. Everyone seems to be claiming that cards with the little logo thingys on them are parallels to a standard card without the logo. For example, one person found a Lebron with a small "King James" logo on it and then also had another without this logo. I'm not actually sure which version is more rare, because most of the Cole Hamels cards that I have seen include a logo of the commissioners cup, rather than the logo being a rarity as one would expect. Beats me.

    As for the missing borders, that is probably a series of miscut cards. I couldn't find anything that would indicate that this was purposeful.

  2. Ok I take it back, I looked at the checklist on upper deck's website and it seems that some player's cards have the logo and others don't.

    However, according to their checklist the full size Evelyn should also have the royal flush logo. Unless they just happened to scan in a picture of the parallel version and Joe received a copy of the regular version, this seems to be a misprint.

    Then again, when you click on the Mini Evelyn, the card that is pictured is not actually her. Go figure.