November 13, 2009

Jeter homeless?

The good news for Derek Jeter is at least he has all those meaningless postseason awards to sell if he needs food.
But, really, he shouldn't be homeless. All he did this season was break Lou Gehrig's franchise hit record, win a gold glove, a silver slugger, helped the team to a World Series victory and date Minka Kelly.

Jeter has one year left on his contract and he's trying to show the Yankee brass what will happen to him if they don't start working on a contract and give him more money soon.

Do you think the Yankees (Brian Cashman) hope this season was flukey and that Jeter won't put up the same numbers next year? Jeter hit .334 with 30 stolen bases and 107 runs.

He also turned 35 this season.

C'mon Cashman! Help him out. You don't want Jeter to be homeless. He has to pay that mortgage on his mansion in Tampa!

Ok, ok. The truth is Jeter made a cameo in a Mark Wahlberg/Will Farrell movie as a homeless bum. (Thanks for yankeesfans livejournal for this)

His pristine white teeth would make me feel sorry for him.

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