November 21, 2009

How did this happen?

Since you all hate Derek Jeter, I am fairly sure that there are probably only 3 of us that have seen this card on eBay. For such an expensive (at least to me) product, I would like to think that the cards would be assembled correctly.

Check out this card.

Back later...


  1. Well that's.. kinda cool? But I'd rather have the regular, his auto is amazing. I love Jeter though, so either one would be nice haha.

  2. would... "the people at Upper Deck are idiots"... explain it?

  3. I'd kinda like to think it was done on purpose. :)

  4. Did it occur to anyone that the guy could've taken it off himself and flipped it?

  5. Tim, I doubt it.

    I've seen several Sweet Spot autographs placed upside down over the years.

  6. It is possible that it is human error, though not necessarily negligent or incompetent.

    Although card companies have given collectors every excuse for over two decades to "naturally assume" either conspiracy or shenanigans, honest mistakes can, and still do, happen in the card biz.

    We've all seen on-card autos that were signed on the back, or on the wrong spot on the front. This isn't that much different, though definitely more conspicuous because 1) it's Sweet Spot and 2) it's Jeter.

    At least Jete's auto is relatively easy to sort out which way is up. I can imagine many instances where it's the job of the tech to fab the card, and he or she has no idea which way the auto sticker is supposed to go.

  7. This happened to several Nolan Ryan autos in 2007 SS Classic, and happens with David Ortiz autos in other products constantly.

    I think the biggest thing collectors don't take into account, is the fact that most of the people assembling these cards have absolutely no idea what they are, or who these people are.